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Team All Sport/Wendy's Member:
Brandon Haines

Brandon Haines's Statistics:
USCF Category 1 Track & Category 2 Road
Hometown: Wilmington, DE
° Spring Match Sprint Series, Ft. Lauderdale Florida, April 14th 
   200m TT- first, (series record)  11.41 
   Match Sprint- second 
° Festival Of Speed Pro-Am Sprint Tournament, Lehigh Valley Velodrome 
   200m time trial- 8th 11.39 
   match sprints- 7th 
° US Regional Points Race Championships, Lehigh Valley Velodrome, July 6th 
   9th place 
° US Elite National Track Cycling Championhsips, Lehigh Valley Velodrome, Aug. 10-14 
   Match Sprint 19th 11.43 
   Keirin  12th 
   Tandem Sprint- 333m TT:  3rd 18.84 
   Tandem Match Sprint:  4th 
° Member ATC; North America's only professional track cycling league 

° Spring Match Sprint Series, Ft. Lauderdale Florida, April 19th 
   200m. time trial- 1st (series record) 11.47 
   match sprint- 3rd 
° Northeast Regional Track Cycling Championship 
   200m time trial- 2nd  11.231 
° EDS TrackCup, Colorado Springs CO Aug. 7th-10th 
   200 m. TT- 13th  11.003 seconds 
   Match Sprint -9th 
   Keirin- 11th 
° US Elite National Track Cycling Championships, Frisco Texas July 1-5th 
   Match Sprint -22nd 11.56 

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